QIAN Xiaobo


Research Interests:

Academic expertise and research include brand experience design, product service system design (PSS. D), design management and strategic design, mass customization, furniture design and research etc.

Brief Introduction

She is Associate Professor, Post-graduation Supervisor, Director of Product Design program, at School of Design Jiangnan University; She is director of the international joint laboratory of "Brand Future Experience Design" (Politecnico di Milano and Jiangnan University), and the deputy director of Jiangzhen Fund Industrial Design Center of Jiangnan University.

Education experience:

Bachelor of Industrial Design, Hunan University, Master and PhD from Politecnico di Milano.

she won the Italian National Scholarship for PhD study and won the China National Excellent International Student Award (2009) during her doctoral studies.

Work experience:

2002.07-2005.09 Teacher, Department of Industrial Design, School of Design and Art, Yanshan University

2007.10-2010.12 Designer of MAYDAY DESIGN STUDIO, Italy

2010.10-202,010.10 President of Chengdu Modern Furniture Institute

2011.Nov till present, Teacher of Product Design Department, School of Design, Jiangnan University


1. Service Design course won the second prize of Jiangsu Province in the National Art Design Teaching Innovation Competition (2022)

2. Service Design course, won the first-class online course of Jiangnan University (2022)

3. From Creation to Business was awarded as an excellent English course for international students in Jiangsu Province (one of the best two art exhibition courses in the English version of the official website of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education, 2018)

4. The second prize of Jiangnan University's teaching achievement award, Research and Practice of Cross teaching Mode of Technology and Art in Industrial Design under the Background of New Engineering (2017)

5. Directed the postgraduate work "Frozen" to win the second prize of UPXA (China Industrial Design Association) National Award and the second prize of East China Competition Area (2020)

6. Instruct students to win one first prize and one second prize of excellent graduation design of Jiangsu Industrial Design Institute (2022, 2021)

7. Hold the international joint course work exhibition "International Design Exchange" (exhibition place: Sapienzza University, Rome, Museum of Classical Art, exhibitors include 3 Italian universities and 3 Chinese universities, November 2021 February 2022)

8. Directed 3 undergraduate works to be selected (online and offline successively) Lille 2020 International Design City Exhibition (2020)

Academic research:

She has published academic papers in journals as Decoration, Mechanical Design, Packaging Engineering and Creativity and Design. She is head of the Fourth National Major Project Furniture Group of "Chinese Style" of the Ministry of Science and Technology (2019-2021), presided over and participated in a number of national and practical projects.

In recent years, she collaborated practical projects with Midea Group, Whirlpool Group, French Lik Group, Magis Italy, BOSS Electric, Fuguang Life Technology, HBR Baby strollers, Chengdu Mingzhu Furniture Co., Ltd., Quanyou Home, Beijing Yililan Furniture Co., Ltd., etc.

Academic and social activities:

1. Served as the coordinator of the five-year series of international conferences on "Design Education Redesign" of Jiangnan University (2014, 2016, 2017);

2. Served as the coordinator of the international conferences of "Design in Transition" series of Jiangnan University (2017, 2018, 2019);

3. Served as the Executive Vice President of the "Extensive Transformation" Conference of Cumulus 2018 International Conference (2018);

4. The series of academic forums of "People's Livelihood Wisdom • Design for the Future: Transforming for the Future" of Jiangnan University prepared the sub forum of 111 talent introduction bases of the Ministry of Education for "Experience Design Frontier Methods and Technologies" and acted as the academic chair (2020, 2021, 2022).

5. Participated in important academic conferences at home and abroad for many times and served as the keynote speaker or keynote speaker.