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Bao Yixi is a Professor at the School of Design, Jiangnan University, doctoral supervisor. Her main research areas are design sociology, service and experience design, brand strategy and design innovation. She got her Ph.D. from East China Normal University, majoring in literature and media. Work as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cincinnati, USA. With multidisciplinary knowledge background in sociology, communication, political science, and design, interdisciplinary research is her specialty. She engaged in brand planning, design innovation, and other research and practical work in the long term. She presided over the art project of the National Social Science Foundation and the Project of the Jiangsu Social Science Foundation, published the monograph "Product Visuality and Cultural Practice," and won the second prize in Jiangsu Philosophy and Social Sciences. Also, she published many papers in CSSCI journals such as Literary and Art Research, Decoration, Art Design Research, Art and Design, Artists, Journal of Shanxi University, Human Geography, and other high qualified journals. Moreover, some papers were reprinted in full by humanities photocopying newspapers and periodicals.